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A key technological issue facing the success of future Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants is creating an economical Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system. TES increases the value proposition for CSP plants and accelerates CSP deployment because it can lower the life cycle cost of electricity, provides operational flexibility, and a firm capacity to a power utility. With TES, a utility scale CSP plant can generate and dispatch electricity when it wants and not just when the sun shines.  However, in order for TES to be widely adopted, capital costs of the TES system must be lowered. 

Terrafore Technologies, LLC (Terrafore), is a  technology development company focused on developing innovative cost-effective high temperature thermal energy storage technologies for use in concentrated solar power plants. Under contract with  United States Department of Energy, Terrafore developed innovative TES technologies which can potentially reduce the cost of storing thermal energy by over 50%. Terrafore is actively seeking CSP developers and investors to commercialize these technologies. These technologies are available for licensing.

Terrafore has decades of experience working with molten salts, sensors, and advanced control system. They are working with large CSP developers offering world class consulting services for design and construction of large scale solar power generation systems using thermal energy storage.

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Anoop Mathur, CTO and founder of Terrafore Technologies, LLC has expertise in concentrating solar power, thermal energy storage, advanced controls, advanced composite materials and energy efficiency technologies for buildings and industrial processes.
Prior to founding Terrafore Technologies, he was the Director of Honeywell Automation and Control Systems global advanced technology laboratories managing research groups in USA, China, India and Romania. He has over thirty five years of experience developing and managing diverse advanced technologies including predictive controls, energy systems, sensors, neural networks, and advanced composite materials. Several of the innovative technologies he led at Honeywell have led to at least six new products including the recently developed secure reliable wireless mesh sensor network technology OneWireless™ product for monitoring and control of industrial process.
In the late 1970′s, he was part of the design team that developed the first 10 MWe solar power tower pilot project at Barstow, California.  He designed parabolic trough collectors, concentrating PV systems, and thermal energy storage using molten salts.
He holds over twenty patents including four on thermal energy storage.
He was honored with several technical achievement awards and received the Honeywell’s most prestigious H.W.Sweatt Award for outstanding technical excellence and business achievement.  For his service to the twin cities community, Honeywell honored him with a lifetime community service award.
He holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota, an executive MBA from Carlson School of Management, MN, and an accelerated program on Global Enterprise Management from Thunderbird School of Management, AZ.