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Terrafore Technologies receives 2017 Small Business Voucher funding  from United States Department of Energy to test the reliability of their capsules at Argonne National Laboratory.

Terrafore Technologies LLC

Project Name: Prototype Testing of an Encapsulated Thermal Energy Storage for CSP
Location: Minneapolis, MN
SunShot Award Amount: $170,000
Partner Laboratory: Argonne National Laboratory
Project Summary: This project will allow Terrafore to improve its innovative method of storing high-temperature thermal energy using phase change of inorganic salts inside ceramic capsules contained in a single tank. Using Argonne’s expertise in high-temperature technologies, the performance and reliability of the technology will be tested with the goal of developing a more efficient and robust prototype for CSP plants. This will enable more efficient, compact energy storage at high temperatures for distributed CSP plants.

Terrafore Technologies will share 20% of the cost.

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